Chris Yñiguez / Selected Works

Chris Yñiguez / Selected Works


Eye of the Fish

sound performance, 2019

“Living at the edge of the sea breeds an intuitive sense that somewhere deep within us are the remnants of fish consciousness, a piscine, subaqueous feeling for the abyss.“ -Luis H. Francia

Performed live with Gunita Collective on November 8, 2019 for the opening of the exhibit, anotherspace, curated by Nica Aquino.

View the full performance.
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performance, sound, video, xuvenir


graphite on vellum, 213x274cm, 2008

A process-based, site-specific drawing that is intimately tied to the place and time of its making. The large sheet of vellum is taped to the apartment wall and gently brushed with powdered graphite. The brushing reveals dark specks due to tiny blemishes and bumps on the wall surface behind it. Where a speck appears, a bird is drawn. In effect, this ‘chance’ composition of migratory birds is a document of both the physical site of its making, and a psychical state of surrender and departure. 
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works on paper, drawing, process, site-specific

The Snake & The Centipede

sumi ink on newsprint,
45x60cm each, 2020

A series of process-based sumi ink drawings on newsprint mimicking  the hand-tapped tattoo process of the mambabatok (traditional Philippine tattooist), and the protective and spiritually-charged centipede and snake skin patterns found in the Mt. Province and Visayas regions of the archipelago, as well as throughout the Austronesian expanse.  
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works on paper, drawing, process


acrylic and earth on wood, 122x244cm, 2007

Paying reverence to two memories of death where a melding of the sacred, mundane, and surreal co-exist in a single object. Boneflower is a relief sculpture inspired by a story of ritual exhumation and the anachronistic body of a discarded bouquet of thistles.

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knife-scratched paper, white out, ink, found wood, acoustic ceiling tile, vinyl floor tile, aluminum frame, 46x61cm each, 2011

Approaching material with subtractive processes to reveal text and image.  Scratching, etching, burning, and other means of erasure are employed to explore ideas about remembering and forgetting.  

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mixed-media, site-specific, works on paper

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Chris Yñiguez is an artist, musician, and illustrator based in Los Angeles.