Chris Yñiguez / Selected Works

Chris Yñiguez / Selected Works


Mapa de Concepcion

stained and dried puerh tea paper,  10x12cm each, 2020

Based on imagined cartographic remnants from aboard the shipwrecked Nuestra Señora de la Concepción, a 17th Century Manila-Acapulco Galleon that wrecked off the southern coast of Saipan in 1638. 
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works on paper, process

Island (in pieces)

knife-scratched paper from aldoux huxley’s 1962 novel, “island,” 14x22cm each, 2010

A meditative intervention on Aldoux Huxley’s 1962 novel, “Island,” via the act of scratching out text from the page. Arising from the ashes is a poetry that speaks to themes of loss,  transformation, and desire.
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works on paper, process

Sweep to Dream

found palm leaves, copper, cordura straps, s-hooks, 304x243cm, 2017

Found fallen palm leaves combine to form a giant broom (walis tingting); playing with both the mundane and cosmic aspects of this most humble and dependable of domestic objects.

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mixed-media, sculpture

Eye of the Fish

sound performance, 2019

“Living at the edge of the sea breeds an intuitive sense that somewhere deep within us are the remnants of fish consciousness, a piscine, subaqueous feeling for the abyss.“ -Luis H. Francia

Performed live with Gunita Collective on November 8, 2019 for the opening of the exhibit, anotherspace, curated by Nica Aquino.

View the full performance.
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performance, sound, video, xuvenir

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Chris Yñiguez is an artist, musician, and illustrator based in Los Angeles.